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Catch-ment area noun \kach-mant-\
The geographic area served by an institution, such as a hospital or school...

In addition to our internal subect database and the patient population from the individual PI practices, Las Vegas has a very large, diverse population to draw from.

With an average of about 300 sunny days per year and more than 3,800 hours of sunshine, very few visits (or flights) are rescheduled due to weather.

Travel costs are low and convenient with more than two hundred commercial fligt arrivals and departures, 16,000 seats available daily and 148,935 hotel/motel rooms available at an average rate of $95.00 per night

Cities/Towns Population   Age Percent
Las Vegas 1,777,539   0-5 7.7%
North Las Vegas 136,870   0-18 26.0%
Henderson 462,160   18-65 55.9%
Boulder City 993,644   65+ 10.4%
Mesquite 184,864      
Nelis AFG        

Population Statistics Source - Clark County Nevada
Age Statistics - U.S. Census Bureau

Female 49.2%
Male 50.8%
White Persons 81.7%
Black Persons 7.9%
American Indian, Alaskan Native Persons 1.4%
Asian Persons 6.0%
Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander 0.5%
Reporting two or more races 2.6%
Persons of Hispanic or Latino decent 24.4%
White persons not Hispanic 58.9%

Source - U.S. Census Bureau

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